Special Rules for this Location

No entry for trucks over 32 feet long
No entry for truck and trailer sets longer than 43 feet long
Tenant entry in excess of 30 per month has $1 per entry added
Gate might be disabled during icy weather. Locks sometimes freeze too.
Gate and facility access is closed 10 pm to 6 am daily
Tenant is responsible for all guests and their actions and may not leave any guests unattended.
14-day move-out notice required - in writing/text/email by tenant
Not suitable for bumper campers here at 4771 Site
No hazardous materials allowed - no fuel storage
No smoking inside at all - can lead to immediate lease cancellation
We do not hold keys for any units
Tenant is responsible for any damage including floor stains
No storage of human or animal food products - new or used
Sharing access codes with non-tenants requires changing it
On move-out leave the loaned lock and keys inside unit for use on a different unit
Use of any paved areas for leisure, work, painting, assembly, vehicle cleaning, or repairs not allowed.
Entry without a valid Access Code or between 10pm and 6am is trespassing
Lease can be terminated immediately for disruptive or rude behavior, payment default, hazardous materials, rules violations, and no response to communications when in default
Vehicles and Trailers must always be secured with a locking device
Sealed containers encouraged for all goods for additional moisture and pest protection
Tenant is responsible for keeping contact information current - else can lead to implicit abandonment
No hot motors or items allowed in units. Cool them down first.
No car or truck storage allowed in units.
Cold weather can cause hazards. Snow and ice mitigation is not assured.
Tenant access to facility may be limited due to any rule violation
Speed limit is posted at 5 mph
*These rules may supersede Storage Agreement provisions. This is a partial list and is accompanied by posted signage, and is subject to change any time.